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The primary purpose of this blog is to suggest a simple approach to initiating 'Contact' now with the ETIs interacting with the human race, and to argue that learning of the experiences of other rapidly evolving technological civilizations might be critical to the well being and even survival of our civilization. At a minimum, if the idea is discussed openly enough, it will end any pretense of a 'debate' over the reality of UFOs.

[Please note that 'ETI' is used in the popular sense to refer to the 'Others', in 'UFOs', interacting with our civilization--whoever they are, and 'wherever', or 'whenever' they come from.]

The secondary purpose is to suggest a simple 'open-source' science experiment which could end now the 'debate' over the reality of psychic phenomena; and to argue that a better understanding of the relationship between consciousness and 'reality' might also be critical to our well being, and perhaps even survival.

No attempt is made to present evidence to support the reality of UFOs and Psi, since the publicly available evidence already demonstrates beyond any doubt that these 'hypotheses' are correct. The two experiments are simply intended to demonstrate their reality in an open, public, undeniable way.

Anyone who doubts the correctness of the basic argument of this blog is invited to ask NASA--or your nation's space agency--about the simple experiment, which costs nothing and can be done now, as posed in 'A Real SETI...'.

No UFO skeptic can openly pose that (Real SETI) question, because the ensuing discussion will inevitably end the UFO 'debate', and then the coverup, forcing 'Acknowledgement', and eventually Contact; and that, in turn, will necessarily end the materialist delusion which is the basis of our civilization.

Of course, it will also end this era (of many millennia) of human civilization--for better, and for worse...

Are we more likely, as a civilization, to survive and prosper in the coming years and decades by ignoring the lessons which we might learn from the experiences of past civilizations?

Do you want to know what happened to all the 'others'?


Here's a list of the articles (posts) on this blog, in order from oldest to newest:

[Posting dates do not reflect the dates the articles were written, or originally posted.]

UFOs and the Psychic ET Pseudoscientists explains all the main ideas, and explains the approach to initiating Contact now. (If you're only interested in why it's important to initiate contact now, and how this can be accomplished, a later post explains it more briefly.)

While any significant interaction with an advanced civilization will necessarily end the simplistic notion of 'reductionist scientific materialism' and any debate over the reality of Psi, Simple Online Psi Experiment explains an experiment which could accomplish this now--before Contact.

Intentions and the 'Law of Attraction' suggests an approach for testing the notion that humans, subject to various other presently unknown factors, influence by their thoughts, intentions, beliefs, and expectations, etc., the physical reality they experience in their lives.

Spirituality & the Transhumanists points out a few parallels between the ideas of the Transhumanists, e.g., the idea that 'We'll upload our minds to computers, and live forever...', and on the other hand, the best intelligence available about the actual (spiritual) nature of our existence--from Near Death Experiences, et al. Before the Transhumanists march bravely (and ignorantly) into the Singularity, they might want to consider the ideas in this article; and indeed, this entire blog.

Reverse Engineering addresses the familiar idea in the UFO community that the U.S.G. has 'reverse-engineered' crashed flying saucers to create their own fleet of spaceships, with capabilities equivalent to the ET ships. [Summary: No, they haven't. And, no, they won't--ever.]

Truth and Freedom is for the CIA--and the Vatican--et al.

A Real SETI and Why It Matters is a briefer explanation of the UFO/Contact issues, for those who don't have the time or interest to consider the Psi issue. If you have any doubt that UFO/ETIs have been interacting with our civilization for decades, and that major governments are lying about this fact, then try asking a SETI scientist or your nation's space agency the question posed in this post. ('Speaking for your government, would you welcome a message...?')

Sample Message for 'Diplomatic' Contact is a message which could be used now to initiate the 'Diplomatic Contact' option mentioned in 'A Real SETI...'. Note: If you previously copied this blog for private distribution, please ensure that you have the updated version (December 2014) of this post.

No Nukes explains a deal we might make--after Contact with the ETIs--to remove all (or nearly all) nuclear weapons on this planet. Of course, some of the folks in the planetary genocide cult of 'National Security' experts won't like this very much.

'Vast Alien Consciousness' and Acknowledgment is for the handful of folks in the UFO community who either know a little (but not much) about reality and consciousness, who fear that Contact will empower some UFO-related beings (or 'powers and forces', etc.) from other 'realities' to harm us.

Would They Talk to Us? answers the question of whether one or more ETIs would respond to the 'Real SETI...' approach. [Summary: They will respond to any good-faith, open request by the U.N.--and even, in a limited way, to an open request from a single nation which provides plausible assurances as explained in 'A Real SETI...' and 'Sample Message...'.] [Updated July 2015.]

Watch the Big Triangles explains why large triangles are the most important UFOs for those interested in Contact.

Recent Books mentions a few recent books about UFOs which might be useful for readers of this blog.

Contact, Acknowledgment, and Disclosure briefly discusses these issues.

Contact and the Future Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4  discuss some of the consequences of Contact, and other inevitable changes coming in the next few decades. Spring 2016 update to CF4.

UFOs, and the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk This post was intended for the folks at CSER, who apparently have forgotten an old saying: 'Those who forget the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them.' It's nice that they care about the future of our civilization, but it would be nicer if they could openly discuss the 'Real SETI' question...and to try to understand the high-stakes wager they--and others speaking about 'existential risks'--are making.

If You're Interested in Contact, Read This Book: Triangular UFOs Or at least try to learn about the history of the big Triangles. These are the folks we want to talk to. What sort of folks--and what sort of civilization--would be interacting with our civilization as they have been for decades? And why?

How to End the UFO Debate, and Contact Extraterrestrials--Now  Mostly intended for the UFO community, this explains a simple question that can end any debate (about UFOs and the ET presence) with most 'skeptics'--especially scientists 'searching for ET'. And it explains how to begin Contact now, if NASA can answer a simple question with a 'Yes or No': "Would you welcome a brief message from, or at least an undeniable appearance by any ETs observing our world who are willing to begin Contact now?"

A Solution to the Fermi Paradox Can Be Tested Now With a Simple Free Experiment  A short article explains the 'hypothesis', and the experiment to test it. Do we want Contact now, or is our best hope for the future to 'ignore the mistakes of the past' civilizations? Can scientists 'searching for ETs' and those speculating about the Fermi Paradox openly discuss this question, and answer with a Yes or No?


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  5. So you are saying that the ET's communicate with their psychic abilities? That might account for there being no communication devices (radio) found aboard captured spacecraft.