Wednesday, April 1, 2015

About This Blog

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The primary purpose of this blog is to suggest a simple approach to initiating 'Contact' now with the ETI(s) interacting with the human race, and to argue that learning of the experiences of other rapidly evolving technological civilizations might be critical to the well being and even survival of our civilization. At a minimum, if the idea is discussed openly enough, it will end any pretense of a 'debate' over the reality of UFOs.

Please note that 'ETI' is used in the popular sense to refer to the 'Others' interacting with our civilization--whoever they are, and 'wherever', or 'whenever' they come from.

The secondary purpose is to suggest a simple 'open-source' science experiment which could end now the 'debate' over the reality of psychic phenomena; and to argue that a better understanding of the relationship between consciousness and 'reality' might also be critical to our well being, and perhaps even survival.

The first post explains all the main ideas, and explains the approach to initiating Contact now. (If you're only interested in why it's important to initiate contact now, and how this can be accomplished, a later post explains it more briefly.)

While any significant interaction with an advanced civilization will necessarily end the simplistic notion of 'reductionist scientific materialism' and any debate over the reality of psi, the second post explains an experiment which could accomplish this now--before Contact.

The third post suggests an approach for testing the notion that humans, subject to various other presently unknown factors, influence by their thoughts, intentions, beliefs, and expectations, etc., the physical reality they experience in their lives.

Please note that no attempt is made to present evidence to support the reality of UFOs and Psi, since the publicly available evidence already demonstrates beyond any doubt that these 'hypotheses' are correct. The two experiments are simply intended to demonstrate their reality in an open, public, undeniable way.

Anyone who doubts the correctness of the basic argument of this blog is invited to ask NASA--or your nation's space agency--about the simple experiment, which costs nothing and can be done now, as posed in 'A Real SETI...'.

No skeptic of Psi, or of the reality of 'UFOs/ETI', can openly pose that (Real SETI) question, because the ensuing discussion will inevitably end the 'UFO Coverup', forcing 'Acknowledgement', and eventually, Contact''; and that, in turn, will necessarily end the materialist delusion which is the basis of our civilization.

Of course, it will also end this era (of many millenia) of human civilization--for better, and for worse...

Are we more likely, as a civilization, to survive and prosper in the coming years and decades by ignoring the lessons which we might learn from the experiences of past civilizations?

Do you want to know what happened to all the others?


  1. wow... great post. I guess the psi UFO connection should have been obvious, but I didn't see it for quite a while... very cool to see it fleshed out so nicely here.

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  4. You're time travelling to july 11, 2014. Nice...

  5. So you are saying that the ET's communicate with their psychic abilities? That might account for there being no communication devices (radio) found aboard captured spacecraft.