Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sample Message for 'Diplomatic' Contact

Sample Message for 'Diplomatic' Contact

[Revised version, December 2014. Times change--and assessments change.]

{FEB 2017: Barring certain unusual (and perhaps rather extreme) efforts to establish credibility, the CD option may no longer be available to the U.S.]

This is a sample message for the 'diplomatic' contact effort by a single nation, as suggested in A Real SETI and Why It Matters. 'Common courtesy' is important, but in this situation, human diplobabble is inappropriate, and might be regarded as willfully stupid, if not gratuitously insulting to any intelligent life forms who understand our civilization, and the history of the U.S.G., et al., and UFOs.

{Begin message}

I am requesting information concerning the possibility of initially confidential electronic communications, using our technology--or technology which you might provide and which can interface with our systems--between the U.S.G. (and presumably eventually other governments or the U.N.), and the advanced technological civilizations which are currently interacting with our civilization.

I ask that you reply in optical Morse Code to the persons or system transmitting this message.

I ask that you refrain from potentially harmful physical or mental interaction with any persons involved in the transmission of this message.

If you cannot now, but may in the near future, provide a substantive response to this message, I ask that, if possible, you acknowledge receipt of this message.

If you respond to this message, I will, within one day, deliver this message--and a notification that a response was received--to the members of the United Nations Security Council; and I will deliver your response within one day of their acceptance of full responsibility for the receipt of same.

If you respond, this message and your response will be made available to the people of our world within thirty days of your response, by the U.S.G., if not by the U.N. As you understand, it is certain that some nations--but not the U.S.--will severely limit, by various means, the public availability of your communications.

Thank you.
/signed/ [the nation's President and/or Prime Minister]

{End Message}

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