Friday, July 13, 2012

Contact and the Future, Part 4

[More speculation about Contact & the Future, assuming ETs provide substantial access to their knowledge...]

>Arms Race

Contact will ignite an arms race, as militarists in major nations desperately seek to create their own 'flying saucers', etc., to achieve military 'supremacy' to 'defend' their nations. Despite its advantages, the U.S., in one way or another, in time, may 'lose' this race, just as badly as the eventual 'winners', e.g., China. Given the increasing dependencies, vulnerabilities, and other threats, and the enormous expenses which will likely be necessary to deal with these issues, no nation can afford to squander vast sums on military expenditures. Moreover, not even absolute 'air supremacy' is enough to ensure the survival of a nation or civilization.


Important new alternative energy sources are almost inevitable in the near future. If the ETs make available something akin to LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) devices, or something even more exotic, then a massive transition will occur over the next few decades. The transition could, and certainly will be managed by some corporations and energy exporting nations in various ways to sustain their wealth and power; some will understand this, and act accordingly, and those who don't will have serious problems. In particular, energy exporting countries will need to maximize their profits in the remaining years of the fossil fuel era, invest their current wealth in creating a self-sustaining infrastructure (with a significant cybernetic/robotic element), and manage a very significant redistribution to their citizens of the resulting income.

A dramatic transformation from materialist medicine to consciousness based medicine is inevitable. Doctors, nurses, and other who interact with patients will be 'retrained' to understand that their attitudes, beliefs, and intentions can and do have enormous consequences for their patients. Many medical offices and facilities will include healers of various kinds. The gradual replacement of human surgeons, etc., by cybernetics (robotics) has already begun. While the exact mix is difficult to foresee, the future of medicine is a radically new combination of healers, cybernetics, and robotics.

Procedures similar to EFT (Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Technique) and other 'tapping' methods, etc., will be used by nearly all primary care health workers. These procedures or techniques serve the enormously important purpose of 'ritualizing'--emphasizing and focusing on--deliberate positive intentions, and will be widely used as a supplement to, and in some cases a replacement for technological medicine. Elements of big pharma and other corporate health care service entities which may suffer losses from the decline in dependence on materialist medicine could compensate for these losses by beginning now to do the research to establish the most effective intention-enhancing 'rituals', and could profit by providing education, training (to supplement traditional medical training), and services.

The validation of the reality of, and our ability to interact with other realms of consciousness and existence--an inevitable result of any extensive contact with ETs--while of interest or practical relevance to only a small minority of humans, will nonetheless lead to new respect for, and a significant increase in 'business' for shamans, and others who specialize in such matters.

While it's long been foreseen that dramatic advances in the capabilities of cybernetic virtual reality systems will be widely used for entertainment, and other more practical purposes (e.g., healing, education, etc.), what was not foreseen is that the evolution of these systems, and their uses, will be guided by the dramatic new understanding of consciousness and reality.

'Philosophy' will be largely replaced by metaphysical knowledge.

Bad news for many kids who dream of becoming scientists and engineers, or young adults who look forward to a long and fulfilling career in these fields, since, except for a few, they won't be able to compete with the cybernetics.

Most factory workers will be replaced by cybernetics and robotics--even in the nations with the lowest labor costs. Developing nations will never experience what the U.S. experienced--decades of a thriving middle class based in large part on unionized factory jobs. In other words, virtually all of the wealth or profit from manufacturing will accrue to the corporations, mostly to the handful of owners and corporate executives. It's important that the governments of China, et al., understand this, and begin to plan, however 'socialistic' it may seem, for systems to redistribute this wealth. In the U.S., of course, any efforts to begin this process may be doomed by the opposition from 'conservatives'; and the social consequences could be devastating.

Good news for lawyers, since vast amounts of money will be changing hands, and the lawyers will get their cut. And--coming soon--a whole Universe of ETs who can be sued. Who wants to be the first lawyer to file a class action lawsuit in Federal Court: Humans v. Universe? And good news for comedians who can find something humorous about almost any situation.

Bad news for the NSE (U.S.G. National Security Establishment). It's may turn out that, in some sense, their decisions have--in the worst case, fatally--screwed the United States of America, and perhaps most of the human race. On the other hand, the decisions made by the NSE will likely be accepted as reasonable by most Americans, despite the consequences. As bad as our prospects may seem to be, the NSE and the civilian leadership of the U.S. could manage this, but only with a sobriety, rationality, and wisdom hitherto lacking in their words and deeds. Our system of government, and the institution of the NSE has, in some sense, failed horribly. Secrecy can be 'life'--but only for a while, and only at great cost. See President Eisenhower's Farewell Address, et al.

>New Age Movements

It is certain that there will arise one or more new 'spiritual' 'movements'--a few old folks, but mostly young folks. See "A.D." {Recent Books} for a speculation of this prospect. When they understand that all of the institutions on Earth failed and/or lied to them, and none can now be trusted, and the whole foundation of our most basic understanding of the nature of our existence was 'not exactly true' [See: 'When the Truth is Found to Be Lies...'], then they will look for--and they will quickly find 'new' truths--the spiritual understandings of all advanced civilizations--and they will set about creating a new world. It's possible that humankind will 'split' into two groups--those who will come to understand important spiritual truths, and by their faith, create something like a 'new world', perhaps here, or perhaps even on a colony world; and those who won't--and the latter, in some sense--for better or for worse for them--will be 'left behind'.

Whether or not most of the human race will survive over the coming decades, it's certain that this is the end of our 'childhood', or as some might say, the fulfillment of the 'Mayan Prophecy', which apparently does not foretell an 'apocalypse', but is certainly a suggestion that the end of an era of many millennia is coming--soon.

>'The Greatest Nation on Earth'
>'American Exceptionalism'

For various reasons, Contact will be more difficult, initially at least, for the U.S. than for any nation. Suddenly, the greatest nation on Earth is just--well--the greatest nation on a "Pale Blue Dot", and of rather little consequence in the vast cosmic scheme of things. [See Youtube for Carl Sagan, "Pale Blue Dot". Of course, he missed the part about " hint...". Too bad he's not here to see this unfold, but then--maybe he is, in some sense :) ]

Despite our greatness, for over six decades--since long before most Americans were born--our government lied about one of the most fundamental facts of our existence; and in some ways, the philosophical basis of our entire civilization--reductionist materialism--was a delusion, and a lie.

Obviously Contact is a global issue, and only the United Nations can speak for the nations of the Earth. But if the U.S. can't or won't lead the world--by taking a major role in initiating at least Acknowledgment, if not Contact, and managing the consequences--then, who, if anyone, will?

Whether or not President Obama starts this process now (as of this writing, July 2012), the next President will certainly have to deal with the consequences--one way or another. If no one in the news media asks the Presidential candidates the important questions about how they will deal with Disclosure and Contact, then the news media are idiots--or worse--and in some sense they will have betrayed the future of this nation. If America is still a great nation, then the American people--before they speak--will learn as much as they can of what is already, and may soon come to be known, listen to what the two candidates have to say, and in accordance with their faiths and beliefs, but most of all, listening to their hearts, choose whoever they believe can best deal with the enormous challenges of Contact and the Future.

> Update Spring 2016

Fast forward to June 2016, in a very interesting Presidential Primary campaign. Four years ago the American people made their choice, but for better or worse, the political system has degenerated further into a bitter and dysfunctional state. Obviously it will be very difficult at present for the U.S. to deal with Contact, but if UFOs become a campaign issue as a result of comments by John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, et al., and Acknowledgement--without significant Disclosure--is forced by serious MSM attention, then the situation will be worse for the U.S. than with first Contact before Acknowledgement and Disclosure.

If MAJIC doesn't take responsibility for this situation with a subtle but sufficient action to encourage MSM attention, and the MSM don't make this an election issue well in advance of the final months of the campaign, then once again the American people will have been deprived of critical information necessary to choose the next President; and MAJIC, humankind, and the ETs will have to deal with the next President--whoever that might be. And MAJIC: Please don't let this be an 'October Surprise'.

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