Friday, January 9, 2015

If You're Interested in Contact, Read This Book: Triangular UFOs

Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation. By David Marler. Richard Dolan Press, 2013.

This is an excellent book representing many years of careful research covering decades of sightings of the large triangular UFOs--the most important type of UFO with respect to the possibility of Contact. After presenting the research, the author establishes a profile of characteristics of appearance and behavior seen in many if not nearly all sightings. Finally, he provides evidence and analysis which clearly demonstrate that the large triangles are not human technology.

If you really want to understand what these other intelligences are doing, and want to have the knowledge to speculate intelligently about why they are doing what they are doing, then this may be the most important UFO book you could read now. While the author might not agree, that data make clear that one element of the ET collective has planned, prepared, and conducted thousands--perhaps tens of thousands--of flight operations around the world, year after year, over decades, in ships configured and operated in a way to make their presence conspicuously known to (usually) small groups of people.

[See an earlier post on this blog: Watch the Big Triangles which predates the publication of this book.]

These carefully controlled appearances show how well they know our civilization, and demonstrate a long term commitment to making their presence known to the people of the U.S. and other nations, in defiance of the policy of coverup and denial by major governments, and the ridicule and dismissal by most of the scientists and news media of the world. And yet, in limited deference to our governments' wishes, they have refrained from more dramatic appearances which would force the governments to openly acknowledge their presence.

After reading the book, or at least looking at the reviews and trying to understand the implications--if you want to learn more about the triangles--spend a few minutes on the Internet to learn about the Phoenix (1997) (it's not about the 'lights'!) and Stephenville (2008) (including the radar analysis) cases, which were not included in this book because they have been so extensively documented by other researchers. It is truly remarkable that David Marler's historical research and analysis have predicted the sort of behavior that would be seen in these later sightings. And so, the ETIs responsible for these two cases have, in effect, provided the most important recommendation of this book.