Thursday, July 12, 2012

Contact and the Future, Part 2

[More speculation about Contact & the Future, assuming ETs provide substantial access to their knowledge...]

>What Are They Like?

ETs, some of whom may appear to be biologically similar to humans, have a much better understanding of consciousness and reality. Their ships may be highly evolved consciousnesses, and the ETs' interaction with their ships will likely be based on a mutual understanding of consciousness and reality. It's quite possible that children raised on this world, and taught from birth the basic metaphysical truths, would in some sense be like some of the 'ETs'--without their cultural knowledge of course--but fundamentally different than most of the rest of the 'humans' on our world.

The ultimate relationship between 'biological' and 'cybernetic' intelligences is difficult to foresee. One possibility is that 'technological', i.e., constructed artificial intelligence collectives which achieve replicance--in contrast to 'biological' replicants which might eventually evolve (or be helped to evolve) to achieve some level of 'intelligence'--would be assimilated into a larger ET collective, or if they became problematic, would be terminated.

The larger issue is, in a more general sense, the relationship between 'spiritual' beings existing in 'physical' form, and the constructs of their consciousnesses, i.e., 'technology'; or even more generally, the hierarchy of the constructs of consciousness and intention (see Precedent Causes, below). And--can a 'technological' (cybernetic) intelligence be constructed which, by its 'thoughts' and 'intentions', etc., directly influence reality?

>The History of Our World, Our Race, and the Universe

Perhaps ETs created our world, our major religions, and perhaps they created our race or were involved in some way. It's likely that they interacted in significant ways with ancient civilizations. While some have argued our civilization is a farm, or garden, or a zoo, it's more likely we are in some sense the 'children' of one or more ET races, and perhaps at the same time an experiment of sorts in nurturing evolving races and civilizations, presumably in conjunction with, and at the behest of some common spiritual collective.  Perhaps some of them, honoring what they believe to be an 'imperative' of the Creation, create worlds as homes and schools for souls; and thus they would wish us the best, and with enormous patience, hope that some day we will 'grow up', and join with them in their efforts--to ensure '...that life in the Creation will endure, and flourish'.

>Precedent Causes

Who or what is 'God'? One of the most obvious questions a 'scientist' might ask God is: Who created You? Precedent Causes are obviously of extreme interest for the ETs who are still curious; and of course ETs might in principle be aware of umpteen levels of reality and consciousness 'beyond' ours. Since these are likely incomprehensible and unverifiable from our perspective, they might be interesting, but largely irrelevant to us at present.

>'Alien Abductions'

See the 6th and 7th paragraphs of the original article on this blog (UFOs...).

The realm of alien abduction research is a morass of confusing and contradictory claims and beliefs, horribly muddled by the widespread use of 'hypnotic regression'.

While some researchers believe the 'alien agenda' is to create a hybrid race, many of the interactions suggest the alleged 'abductors' are more interested in our consciousnesses, and experiencing our emotions, rather than genetic material. Of course it may be that in other realms of existence, consciousness is 'genetic material'.

Whatever the 'reality' of these beings, and whatever their relationships, if any, to the advanced technological intelligences, it's important to us (and presumably thus to the ETs) that some explanation of this situation be included in the initial contact communication.

>Men In Black

While elements of the NSE (U.S.G. National Security Establishment) have obviously harassed and threatened, etc., UFO witnesses and researchers, another non-human class of beings have also apparently attempted to silence UFO witnesses. If the non-human MIB activities were actually intended to suppress knowledge of the ET presence (rather than to emphasize its reality), then obviously MIB-class beings will be opposed to contact.  It may be that some beings from other realms, who have long interacted with humans, fear and dread that, as a result of contact, humans will come to understand them, and learn to deal with them--perhaps to their great detriment.

>The U.S. Military Can Protect Us from the ETs

No, they can't.

>REG Research and Development

The science of REG design (Random Event Generators)--i.e., psi sensors--is very primitive, and will evolve dramatically over the years. Psi sensors (or whatever clever name will evolve for such devices) will eventually be included in many cybernetic devices, and will be used in devices and web pages, etc., to register the state of mind of the user, and/or viewers' responses to content. (For a primitive version of the concept, see ...Psi Experiment). Some folks will make huge amounts of money from this technology and its applications. Similarly, something like the 'LOA Trainer' concept Intentions... may have an important role in educating people, and likewise make some folks lots of money.

>The Burden of Roswell--The Folly of Reverse Engineering

See Reverse Engineering.

>Why Would They Have 'Shot Down' Military Aircraft?

Did President Truman, or some high-ranking military commander, issue an order to "Shoot Them Down"? Did the ETs, in some cases, destroy U.S. and perhaps Soviet aircraft which attacked them?

Given the record of truthfulness of the U.S. Air Force in this matter, we'll never know for sure what the U.S.A.F. did, or what the ETs did, unless the ETs tell us.

The initial phase of contact can be a very difficult process, especially when dealing with violent and irrational primitives armed with weapons of mass destruction. The ETs made it clear--dramatically in the summer of 1952 (if not before), and many times since--that they're here to do something they consider important, and that they have something important to tell us. The U.S. alone, among the nations of the world could have taken the lead in Contact, but chose not to. Indeed, the U.S.G. went to considerable lengths to keep its citizens from understanding the situation. It's impossible to offer tentative explanations of particular events until the exact details are publicly known, but in general, it's important to ensure that the primitives understand what the ETs are capable of doing--and may be willing to do--before the primitives attempt to use nuclear armed suicide pilots, etc., over their own countries, in a deranged attempt to 'defeat' the ETs.

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