Thursday, July 12, 2012

Contact and the Future, Part 3

[More speculation about Contact & the Future, assuming ETs provide substantial access to their knowledge...]


Why are the ETs concerned about nuclear weapons? Since they clearly have the ability to end the U.S., and while they might suffer some loss and might be irritated, but are not seriously threatened by our weapons, what are their intentions?

First, they did not interfere with the use of nuclear weapons in WWII, because in that phase of nuclear warfare, the nuclear weapons were as a practical matter simply a quicker means of doing what the U.S. was already doing--except for the radiation effects--with B-29s, napalm, and HE (high explosives)--the standard firebombing attacks on military and civilian targets. The huge arsenals nations now possess are fundamentally different in nature, and in no sense a substitute for conventional weapons.

Would the ETs intervene in a major exchange between the U.S. and Russia (formerly U.S.S.R.)? Presumably this has been thoroughly discussed in highly classified analyses by the nuclear war planners in nations with large arsenals.

Humans do not have the knowledge or analytical ability to accurately model the global effects of large exchanges. (And they don't really care what happens to the rest of the human race in such a situation). If an attack on a primitive planetary civilization is forbidden ('illegal'), then from the ETs' perspective, the U.S. and Russia, et al., might be welcome to commit suicide, but not be permitted to cause the inevitable collateral damage to other nations, much less be permitted to destroy the human race. If the ETs acted, would they stop the exchange, and if not, would they somehow limit the consequences to the suicide of the participants?


The main concern in the U.S. is what the new metaphysical understandings might mean for Christianity. The certain result is, generally, 1) the beginning of the end of theological 'Christianity', and the notion 'divine authority' for the Vatican, etc., and 2) the beginning of a 'new' (or 'old'?) religion based on some variation and/or elaboration of the Jesus teachings. Whatever the accuracy of Biblical accounts of particular claimed events and statements, it's likely to be seen that the simple teachings were a simple expression of a radically new, and perhaps unique (?) approach to life, which is based on the notion that if you can create, or at least powerfully influence, your own reality, and you know that in some deeper sense you are immortal (though not in this physical form), then you can give up the fear and hatred, the violence and killing; and just live your life, and love.

Initially of course, whatever is learned, there will likely be an increase in church attendance, as many Christians seek solace and comfort in the only remaining institution on Earth which they (will initially) believe didn't lie to them. Over time, many, or perhaps most Christians will continue to go to churches, in many cases with different 'services', and continue to celebrate Christmas and Easter, etc., but with a new, and perhaps equally or more inspired understanding of the Jesus story. A few may come to believe the main significance of Contact--the new, or affirmation of the 'old' metaphysical understanding that 'faith' can dramatically influence the reality we experience--as the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy (Truth and Freedom).

Presumably other religions will likewise celebrate religious traditions, with their respective new understandings. Only an expert in the beliefs of the followers of various religions could provide a comprehensive comparison and contrasting of those beliefs with whatever metaphysical understandings the ETs might convey.

>U.S. Politics

Contact will begin the greatest, and most bitter and divisive debates since the Civil War era, or perhaps ever in our history. Whatever is learned from the ETs, it will difficult for 'progressives' and 'liberals', but far more difficult for 'conservatives'. The social consequences of the inevitable dramatic changes in the coming decades--whatever the outcome of Contact--can only be managed by enormous government interventions, and conservatives obviously will oppose these.

It's possible that an irrational and destructive coalition of folks will arise, united by a shared resentment, anger, and hatred for ETs and the U.S. government, and especially in response to what the ETs and U.S.G. might tell us. If even a small minority of politicians and political commentators align themselves with this coalition, and especially if one or more major news organizations begin to 'fan the flames', then the Contact process in the U.S. will be doomed, and other nations will take the lead. This would be a devastating, if not fatal blow to the future of the U.S.

For the NSE (National Security Establishment), after decades of manipulating the U.S. media, and running psyops on the American people, this will be their greatest challenge, and perhaps their 'finest (?) hour'. Or perhaps their 'final hour'.

>They Should Stop Violating Our Airspace!


Before demanding they stop 'violating' 'our' airspace, it would be useful for the human race to understand why they're here.

And, it should be noted that for over six decades (or, since the dawn of civilization) they have been 'violating' 'our' airspace, and yet life on Earth goes on. Well--so far, at least.

>They Should Respect Our Laws!


Why would an intelligent life form respect our laws unless we can explain them? It's pointless to try to 'justify' or 'defend' human laws (or any other aspect of our civilization) to an intelligent life form, unless we can provide a comprehensive rational explanation of how our laws arise from an understanding and analysis of the logical implications of verifiable 'first principles'. For example, try explaining a moral, ethical, or practical basis for the provisions of U.S.C. Title 26.

>Why Should We Trust Them?

Why shouldn't we?

One of the most socially (and politically) difficult aspects of Disclosure in the U.S. will be the loss of trust in major institutions of our civilization--Presidents, Congresses, the institution of science, religions (primarily Christianity in the U.S.), and the news media.

Even if we can't trust any of the major institutions on this planet, why should we trust the ETs?

The simple answer is that for most people, the concept of 'trust' or 'truth' is totally subjective, and so people will trust or not trust the ETs for the same reasons they 'trust' anyone or anything in life.

A fuller explanation is beyond the scope of this blog, and is unlikely to serve any useful purpose.

Part 4

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