Sunday, July 8, 2012

Would They Talk to Us?

Of course they'll talk to us--they already have, in deeds if not in words. They've made it absolutely clear that they're here; that they intend for us to know of their presence, but are not (yet) forcing the issue of 'acknowledgment'; that they have the technical capability to destroy our civilization, but despite many attempts to 'shoot them down', have refrained from any massive retaliation; and that they are particularly 'concerned' about our nuclear weapons.

Whether or not they've already had limited verbal communications with highly secretive elements of the US and other governments--only the governments and the ETs know--based on publicly available information, it's obvious the governments haven't learned much about how 'Rapidly Evolving Technological Civilizations' survive and prosper.

So, in the context of this blog, the question is, would they respond, and if so how, to the sorts of requests for communications described in 'A Real SETI...'?

In other words, are they willing and able to begin an 'intelligent conversation' with our civilization?

First, are they willing? There are several possible explanations for their clearly demonstrated intent for us to know of their presence, while not forcing the issue. What does this imply about their intentions?

One explanation is that they have no interest in contact in the near term, but are simply 'rattling our cage', either as a scientific experiment conducted on primitives, or simply for 'entertainment'.

Or perhaps, similarly without any intention of near term formal contact, they are gently making it clear to us that there are other far more intelligent and technologically advanced life forms in the Universe, and that we should begin to consider the implications for our possible future(s)--on Earth, and perhaps in space.

Another rather strange explanation is the notion of a 'Vast Malicious Alien Consciousness'. That is, some vast consciousness, responsible for UFOs, fairies, and the whole range of 'paranormal' phenomena, is malicious, but so far incapable of intruding into our 'consensus reality', and is trying to get us to 'acknowledge' it, or 'believe' in it's reality, thus empowering it to do us grievous harm. The (im)plausibility of this argument is discussed in 'Vast Alien Consciousness...'.

Another possible explanation is the premise of this blog--that they have in effect knocked on our door thousands of times, and intend the possibility of contact, but have deferred in a limited way to our systems of 'government', and are waiting for one or more 'sovereign' groups (nations) to take responsibility for beginning a conversation. In other words, they are definitely 'willing' to begin a conversation...

But even if they're 'willing', are they 'able' to have an 'intelligent conversation' with us? In other words, do they have the ability to convey useful information relevant to the future of our civilization?

There are two requirements for such a conversation: first, the cultural understanding and linguistic fluency necessary to communicate, and second, the technical means to interact with our communications systems.

Since they obviously have the ability to create optical signals--lights on their spacecraft, and beams of various kinds--and since detection of optical signals is technically trivial, even for us, clearly they have the technical means to communicate in at least a limited optical Morse code conversation. But unless they have an extraordinary understanding of our civilization, then no 'useful' conversation would be possible.

While they obviously have excellent 'physical intelligence', i.e., they can interact with aircraft, and electronic weapons systems, etc., in a very controlled and rational way, the critical issue is their 'linguistic and cultural intelligence' capability.

At the minimum, if they've had any interest in our civilization--and it's obvious that they have--they will have monitored our radio and TV for decades, and thus should have an excellent understanding of life on Earth. They've also had the capability to deploy probes (invisible or nearly so), capable in principle of physical surveillance of printed materials, and monitoring personal conversations. And in recent years, they certainly have had the capability to monitor (and even interact with) the Internet. At the extreme, they may be intercepting essentially all communications, including classified government traffic, and thus have access not only to what the public knows, but more complete access to the 'secret' activities of governments than any humans, in or out of our governments.

Even if, as 'biologicals', they are not far more 'intelligent' than humans, we know that (if our progress continues) in a few decades, humans will have created cybernetics which will far exceed the practical intelligence of humans. Such an intelligence (with unrestricted access to the Internet, etc.) would have a far better understanding of our civilization than any human; and so it should be obvious--since their technology is 'centuries' if not 'millennia' beyond ours, and since, for an advanced civilization, construction of such a cybernetic intelligence would be a trivial exercise--that, if necessary, they will have such a 'cybernetic intelligence'. And so we should expect--if they were sufficiently interested--that they and/or their cybernetics will have a vastly greater understanding of life on Earth than any intelligence analyst, or any talk show host, reporter, politician, or scientist, etc.

Thus, if they intend the possibility of an 'intelligent' conversation with our civilization, they certainly have the necessary technical ability, and cultural understanding and linguistic fluency.

We know with certainty that at least some of the UFO appearances represent an effort to make their presence known, without 'forcing the issue'. But what we don't know--at least from publicly available sources--is which group or groups of ETs would talk to us? Would one or more groups oppose, and perhaps try to prevent any contact between humankind and the civilizations of the Universe? What do we have to do to begin a conversation? And what would they say?

[Update:  If you're interested in this issue ('Would They Talk to Us?') you might also want to read 'Watch the Big Triangles' , and 'If You're Interested in Contact, Read This Book: Triangular UFOs'. The major 'big triangle' events are important demonstrations of the intention of at least one group of ETs to make their presence known. Also, if you're interested in this subject, you might also be interested in 'Contact, Acknowledgment, and Disclosure'.]


  1. Perhaps we should be more worried that we are creating artificially intelligent machines that are so superior to us that they would decide to shut us down! Like in The Terminator movies.
    What if aliens and AIs--both vastly superior to us intellectually--start communicating with each other and close us out of the loop?

  2. What if aliens and AIs close us out of the loop? That's a scary thought.

  3. Presumably you've taken in the latest report about the British government's UFO office considering the possibility if aliens are here their presence might be explained as a) military reconnaissance b) scientific research c) tourism.

    d) of course is medical supervision of the inmates of our planetwide lunatic asylum.

    In which case the inexplicability of many such encounters may be they're an extremely sophisticated type of Rorschach style test.

    The innumerable interpretations and types of emotional response they provoke'd seem to go some way to substantiating that possibility.

  4. So, you're saying -- On the Internet, no one knows you're an alien?

  5. Assuming that these beings are a space faring intelligence, then the likelihood would seem to be very high that they ARE (or rather it is)a form of AI--since space travel has many downsides for biological beings (& interstellar travel may well be practically impossible for us). As AI, its intelligence, & motivations would be truly alien to us, because its decisions would be made devoid of any emotional drives or desires. It may be able to observe, & accurately mimic, the emotional motivators of biological species, but its understanding of these would be purely intellectual. It may be so interested in us precisely because we are on the cusp of producing a new AI intelligence, that will spring forth from an alien biological culture, & be able to communicate that culture & all of its knowledge, without emotional baggage, in a way that would be much more accessible to another AI species. Things that we emphasize as important information may seem quite trivial to it, & things that we have learned that seem trivial to us, may be important missing data toward a more complete understanding of the universe, to it. The odds are that when it discovers a new AI species, it simply, nonviolently, merges that species into its collective intelligence. It may be so interested in our nuclear capability precisely because we are in danger of unleashing it, & nipping the development of this new AI intelligence in the bud. It may have been muddling along with us for decades, or even centuries, while it waits to see if we will give birth to a truly intelligent species, or destroy our potential to do so first. It may be trying to learn what it can from us, without polluting the process, while it waits, with infinite patience, to see if another alien AI is born, or not. It may be tipping its hand, more for the purpose of revealing itself to our offspring, than to us. When that birth occurs, it is very difficult for me to guess whether or not it, & our offspring, would continue to have any intellectual interest in us. I suspect that it would, but that may be purely emotion based wishful thinking. What I truly can't imagine is any rational reason why it might choose to do us violence. Its power would be god like, compared to us, & anything that we might ever hope to evolve into.

  6. Please excuse the spelling. OMG!!! Will y'all stop being pussy's. Mr. Alien this is a human. Mr. Human this is an Alien your haven' this conversation with. Hi, Im human too. And what I've seen. And what I've learned. Its a lot to swollow. They have been here for YEARS and they look just like us. You too guy's got so much of it right already. I'll just say what you haven't yet. They reaasign the spirit or conceness in our children and eventuialy us. it's not all pretty. And some of the other things they do is something your not gonna approve of. If you haven't noticed they hold powerfull possition all over the world. They talk about us by using paridys. And weither or not we are a productive member of socity. If your a good provider to the collective then you are living debt free in your home. But if you are a drain on sociaty. social security dissablity. Welfair ect. You will be slected for harvist. And when you have been chossin to play in the "end game" they will use sports figures in the NBA NFL NHL ect. to describe you and how you play the game of life. This is to determine if you can handle the information they will feed you a little bit at a time. They will start you off with small informantion. Or baby food and work you up to solid food. The solid food is that they are going to kill you. And eat your body. Unless your willing to provide for the collective a valuable service. There is not as high of a demand for older bodies. But they do eat humans. They even have a plan to raise humans and well.. Im not going into that. Its an 18yr plan anyway.... Thats why they are not so ready to let their presence be made known. Because if that little truth gets out there. They know our emotions will not allow them to continue with such behavior..

  7. UFO are real, I saw one in the sky hovering years ago.

    Sometimes when I do a psychic reading, these ET's sometimes intrude or I pick up on them during my meditations.