Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Truth and Freedom

Inscribed on a wall in the headquarters of a leading UFO research organization is the ancient prophecy: "And Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free." Perhaps the irony of this statement--in light of their policy with regard to sharing their research with the public--is lost on the researchers? Does the strength of a nation truly arise from the ignorance of its people?

The fact that humans can and do to some extent influence the reality they experience--even perhaps to the extreme, as Jesus suggested, that by some 'faith' humans might 'move mountains'--certainly does not by itself lead to 'freedom' or 'peace on earth' for anyone, but simply leads to another realm of possible cooperation and conflict, and at its worst, 'psychic warfare'. What does this have to do with UFOs? How could an understanding of psychic research profit humankind? And what 'truth', if any, could possibly make us 'free'?

The relevance of UFOs, of course, is that advanced spacefaring races will have a vastly greater understanding than we do of the fundamental nature of, and relationship between, consciousness and 'reality', and they almost certainly know how such an understanding (or lack of understanding) by a rapidly evolving technological civilization is related to the likelihood such a civilization will survive and prosper.

An acceptance of the reality of psychic phenomena would free the scientific community and others from the oppressive constraints of the theology of scientific materialism, and lead to a dramatic increase in efforts to understand consciousness, reality, and the scientific basis of spirituality. And that understanding, for those religious believers willing to reconsider some of their beliefs, would free them from the oppressive constraints of the myriad inconsistent highly elaborated religious theologies.

And that freedom, together with an emerging scientific understanding of consciousness and spirituality, arising from efforts to understand various mystical and religious beliefs, Near Death Experiences, reincarnation research, psychic research, various forms of faith and 'energy' healing, and various interpretations of quantum mechanics, etc., could lead to an extraordinary new understanding of our true nature, our connection to each other--perhaps that in a fundamental sense we are all part of a vast consciousness many call 'God'--and a new freedom and not only understanding, but awareness of our responsibility to one another--a new era for humankind, and perhaps 'peace on earth' for those who want it.

One remarkable implication of some explanations of the 'Law of Attraction' is that humans live to some extent in separate realities, or 'multiverses', and by their thoughts and intentions, choose or 'attract' their experiences, or at a more fundamental level, 'create' their reality. It's not clear exactly what influence various elements of consciousness--the 'soul', the 'subconscious', and the normal waking consciousness--have on events, much less how to characterize a thought or any form of consciousness, or how the multitude of realities might interact, and exactly what 'objective' influences constrain this freedom, etc. But, if humans exist, at least to some extent, in their own realities--and are free to construct those realities--then this 'truth' would certainly offer those who thoroughly understood it a degree of freedom far beyond what is implied in either the scientific materialist or in most religious perspectives on reality.

Perhaps the UFO researchers will take the time to ponder the inscription on their wall, and consider that it might be more than simply a clever saying...and ask themselves whether we're really more likely to survive and prosper, as a 'free' nation, in the coming years and decades, by ignoring the possibility of learning more about the true nature of our existence, and the experiences of other rapidly evolving technological civilizations.

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