Sunday, July 8, 2012

No Nukes

If President Obama and leaders of other nations truly want a world free of nuclear weapons, and since the ETs are certainly 'concerned' about our nuclear weapons, and may likewise want a world free of nuclear weapons, perhaps the President will consider proposing an extraordinary deal: We do the hard part, and the ETs do what would for them be the easy part. For example: We negotiate an agreement among the nations of the world; and the ETs remove all nuclear weapons, significant quantities of fissionable materials, enrichment and reprocessing facilities, nuclear waste, and nuclear power plants; and they provide a watt-for-watt, safe and 'environmentally friendly' technology--which we can manufacture--to replace our nuclear plants, and they provide their advanced capabilities for monitoring compliance, and addressing any threats from non-cooperating nations (if any). Impossible perhaps--they may not have the slightest interest in helping us, with information or technology--but isn't it worth asking? Of course, the decision to disclose what the USG knows about the ET presence, and an attempt to initiate contact (if USG is not already in contact with the ETs) might be the most difficult decision a US President has ever made. But there are more difficult decisions, given our huge arsenals of nuclear weapons, and the suicidally stupid policy of 'Mutual Assured Destruction'.

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